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CopyrightHas your water main, sewer line been replaced?

Like all things in your home, your sewer line and water main have a life span. These are copper and clay pipes that will deteriorate over time.
CopyrightHaving a water main break or a rotten sewer line is an unpleasant experience. The best move is to replace it before it breaks. Unfortunately, like your roof, there is no easy way to determine the status of your water main or sewer line.

Answer yes to one of the following questions to decide if the time is right to replace your water main and/or sewer line.
  • Is your home 30+ years old?
  • Are you planning on fixing up your front or back yard by having a new retaining wall, new sod, new driveway, or new garden?
You may be on borrowed time. We strongly recommend looking at these lines before starting any project. The piping can be in the ground anywhere from 18" to 10 feet in your front or back yard. To get to them after project completion will be devastating to both your yard and your wallet.
For the last nine years KERT Landscaping Ltd has been working with reputable plumbers repairing water mains and sewer lines. By working together like we do we have been able to keep costs down and minimize the damage done to your property.
  • Always use BC 1 Call (Call before you dig)
  • 25 year background excavation/construction
  • Have the equipment to get the job done properly
  • Certified plumbers, electricians and other skilled professionals
  • Using quality products
  • Upfront pricing, no hidden cost
  • Using certified pipe
KERT Landscaping Ltd. has been providing quality service in landscaping and snow removal. We are now moving our expertise to water mains, sewer lines, and perimeter drain services.
CopyrightAlways keeping the customer informed and updated.
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