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CopyrightDoes your perimeter drain work?

Having a perimeter drain that does not work can be costly. Spending thousands of hard earned dollars redoing your front/back yard with patios, retaining walls and beautiful sod only to find out that your perimeter drain is faulty and needs to be replaced can be maddening.
CopyrightWhat is a perimeter drain? It is a pipe that runs around the footing of your home to catch any ground water and redirects it into a catch basin and finally to the city sewer line. Depending on the age of your home different materials were used from clay tile to a black pipe (Big O). With older systems not enough clean gravel was used and over the years soil and roots plug the line causing the water to sit around your home and leak in.

Today people are using their basement as a living area. The underlying problem is that moisture under a finished floor will become mold and over time will cause large amounts of damage and serious health problems.
What to do? Most reputable plumbers have a camera, dies and other methods to determine the status of your perimeter drain. If you are unsure whom to call we can direct you to a reputable plumber.
CopyrightFor the last few years KERT Landscaping Ltd has been working with reputable plumbers repairing water mains, sewer lines and perimeter drains. By working together like we do we have been able to keep costs down and minimize the damage done to your property. We also look at the big picture and ask the right questions.
  • Always use BC 1 Call (Call before you dig)
  • 25 year background in excavation/construction
  • Asking the right questions to keep cost down
  • Having the equipment to get the job done properly
  • Working with certified plumbers, electricians, irrigation specialists, carpenters and other skilled professionals
  • Using quality products
  • Upfront pricing, no hidden costs
  • Using certified pipe and materials
Keeping the customer informed and updated is always very important.
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